In partnership with its sister company, Bosq, Bulo offers a wide range of high-quality and speciality veneers from around the world. In addition to European species, sustainably harvested tropical hardwoods and rapidly renewable grasses, Bosq offers narrative reclaimed and salvaged materials kept proprietary to Bulo. Bulo also offers the option of using revolutionary new nanotech laminates on the majority of its products.

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Venetian Oak

Reclaimed from the canal pilings of iconic Venice, Italy, Venetian oak is one most unique reclaimed woods available today. Aged for years by saltwater, algae and mollusks, the oak develops imperfections that give it a one-of-a-kind character.

As the pilings are replaced with some frequency, Venetian oak is a somewhat "renewable" reclaimed material, with Bosq maintaining considerable supply. Perfect for conference tables, desktops and casegoods in general, the 1/8" veneer is laminated onto an MDF substrate, preserving most of its distinct inclusions.


Fossilized Rhine River Oak

The Rhine River is one of Europe's essential waterways, snaking from high in the Swiss alps down through the picturesque Dutch steden at its North Sea delta.  Over the centuries its 800 mile expanse has become home to thousands of felled trees, eventually sunk into the sediment to begin their carbon conversion. Now being recovered and milled into veneer, fossilized oak offers natural oak grain with an unmatched silver tone attributable to its being river sunk for centuries. Available on most standard or custom Bulo furniture or sold separately as 4' x 8' MDF panels or sticked veneer.

Rapidly Renewable Grasses

Both palm and bamboo are rapidly renewable grasses with exceptional ecological advantages. With a high hardness, rich color and coherent structure, they are a responsible choice and can be used for numerous applications. The fast-growing nature of palm and bamboo makes them leading natural wood solutions for mitigating the deforestation of rainforests and curbing demand for tropical hardwoods. Available on most standard and custom Bulo furniture, or sold separately as 4' x 8' MDF panels or sticked veneer.

Nanotech Laminates

Fenix nanotech laminate is one of the most groundbreaking materials to come on the market in the last decade. The properties of the laminate - thermal repairability of scratches, anti-fingerprint and low-light reflection - are unique among similar product types and highly desirable in a contract environment.

Fenix laminate is nearly 75% paper. During the lamination process, the material is subjected to heat and pressure simultaneously, yielding a homogeneous, non-porous and high-density product. The surface is then subjected to a process of Electron Beam Curing which hardens it, giving it characteristics that were previously inconceivable in the world of furniture and design.